Trawsfynydd Holiday Village

Trawsfynydd Holiday Village

Earlier this year (as of writing), I went for a short holiday in the Snowdonia National Park with my family. While in the National Park, we stayed in the Trawsfynydd Leisure Village. At first impression, the cabins seemed a little small to stay in for the holiday. However, the cabins felt a lot larger on the inside – perhaps because of the open kitchen and living room. There was a large porch in front of the cabin, which was an excellent place to relax in the evenings or to have family meals on. The bedrooms were a little small, but satisfactory considering the how little time was spent in them. On one fay of the holiday, it had rained the whole day which meant  we spent the entire day inside the cabin – which didn’t turn out to be so bad, and the cabin still felt comfortable to us.

Most days, a food van would come to the site. We only ate a meal from one van though – the fish and chips van. This, along with the on-site shop, was very convenient for everyone as the nearest town was 3 miles away which would have meant an inconvenient drive to buy anything there.

Overall, the Trawsfynydd Holiday Village is a lovely place to spend your holidays (especially if you’re looking for a holiday based on walking such as ours) although the lack of attractions on the site itself means that you will have to find attractions elsewhere.

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