Places In Wales To Escape the Crowds and Get Closer To Nature

Places In Wales To Escape the Crowds and Get Closer To Nature

Wales is increasingly popular as a destination for nature lovers. Fortunately, however, it is still easy to get off the beaten track. Here are just five of our favourite places in Wales to escape the crowds and get closer to nature:

The Llyn Peninsula

Yr EiflThe Llyn peninsula’s beautiful beaches and quaint villages are pretty well known. Though not as busy as nearby Snowdonia, this is still a popular spot, its coastlines far from deserted on summer days. However, the hills in the middle of this tranquil peninsula are surprisingly little-visited, since most visitors stick to the coasts. So head inland a little on the Llyn Peninsula to enjoy a more tranquil escape. Make your way to Nant Gwytheyrn, ‘the forgotten village’, for example, and hike up into the surrounding Eifl Mountains. And check out Tre’r Ceiri, an Iron Age hill fort on the slopes of Yr Eifl 5 miles up the coast from Nefyn.

Snowdonia National Park

snowdoniaThe well-known and oft-crowded peaks of Snowdonia may not always offer opportunities to escape the crowds. But nestled between many of the most popular spots in Northern Wales, you can also find some hidden gems and some wonderful places to get off the beaten track. The Celtic Rainforest Remnants of Coed Felenrhyd and Coed Llennyrch, for example, are not as frequently visited as other woodlands of this region. And you can enjoy these remnants of ancient woodland without contending with crowds. Hikers should also check out the Rhinog hills, which offer many opportunities for rough, off-piste hill walking with far less company than the busy Snowdon ascent.

Clwydian Range

While many come to North Wales to hike in the hills, far fewer head to the northeast of the country, where the quiet and wilder delights of the Clwydian Range await. These heather-clad hills are dotted with ancient hillforts and un-crowded hiking trails abound.

The Cambrian Mountains

The Cambrian mountains of Mid-Wales offer some of the least crowded and most beautiful trails and hikes in the country. Llyn Brianne reservoir and the surrounding area, the hike to the cave of the Welsh Robin Hood, Twm Siôn Cati and the quiet lushness of Caio Forest are just three places where you can escape the crowds and enjoy the nature of this beautiful area.


st davids cathedralPembrokeshire coastal path is well known to hikers and nature lovers and offers some of the best coastal walking in the country. Yes, the beautiful beaches and popular villages – especially St Davids – do get very crowded, especially during the summer months.

But hike along this stretch of coastline and you can certainly find plenty of more tranquil bays and sleepy stretches where you can get close to nature and escape the crowds. Head to Porthmelgan, for example, on the walk to St David’s head, and hike to the peak of Carn Llidi and while you may not have the place entirely to yourself, you should find several spots to sit, relax in calm surroundings, and enjoy the stunning views.

Inland, away from the coast, this beautiful part of the country does also offer plenty of other quiet walking and picnic spots. So be sure to hike off inland to explore this area in solitude.

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