Hooton’s Homegrown Pick Your Own

Hooton’s Homegrown Pick Your Own

These days, it’s often a mystery as to where our food comes from.

Buy some strawberries from your local supermarket, and you’d be lucky to find some that haven’t been grown abroad and shipped halfway across the world. That’s why sometimes, it can truly feel like a struggle to find some locally produced food. Although you can sometimes find farm shops, these are often scarce, hard to find, and often lacking the food you’re looking for.
However a particular farm on Anglesey has a solution that, while not entirely original, is quite rare to find these days. They allow you to pick your own fruits and vegetables right off the bush, or out of the ground so you can personally make sure that you have the best ones you can find. Although the foods available are dependent on the season (for example, you can’t get raspberries in the middle of December!), you can usually find most of what you’ll want. When you enter and get your basket/s, you’ll also get a map with all of the available produce ticked so you know where to go for ready-to-harvest food.
When I went there, most of the berries were available alongside rhubarb, beetroot, and most root vegetables. The food you pick is paid for at the end – your harvest is weighed (different foods have different prices per gram), and you pay for the delicious fruits and vegetables you picked.

At the end of my harvest, I was able to take home a wheel-barrow full of prime fruits and vegetables – and the price was quite reasonable. For roughly a wheel-barrow (which you can borrow on-site) of various berries, vegetables and other delights only cost about £40, which anyone would consider an excellent deal if they had seen the sheer quantity of food bought!

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