Hickory’s Smokehouse – Rhos On Sea

Hickory’s Smokehouse – Rhos On Sea

Hickory’s Smokehouse is a must-try restaurant in the town of Rhos On Sea.

The restaurant holds a wide range of all authentic American foods such as chicken wings, ribs, steaks and burgers.

In addition to this, Hickory’s Smokehouse has amazing rustic, american design which makes you feel like you’re taking a trip west to the USA.

On arrival, you are instantly hit by overwhelming scents of sizzling hot food and you are given a table – inside or outside, both are warm as outside seats have heat lamps and blankets – which also includes free popcorn and water to get your appetite up. A waiter/waitress then takes your order and then you just wait with anticipation.

They also have an outside play area where your children are bound to work up an appetite. The restaurant is 100% dog friendly and they even have a ‘dog station’ which has water bowls, yummy snacks and doggy beds. If you feel bored waiting for your food, there is also a cinema inside the restaurant.

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