Trefriw Woollen Mills

Trefriw Woolen Mills has been a family business since 1859. They manufacture traditional tapestry bed sheets, smaller Welsh tapestry patterns, tweeds and rugs. All of these things are made using raw wool and machines that are over 50 years old and powered by a vintage water turbine.

You can visit their craft studio to view textile crafts being shown by the professional team. You can view how will was spun into yarn before the industrial revolution and you can even try weaving yourself on a handloom. You can also view the hydro-eclectic turbine which has been generating power for the mill since the 1940s.

From April to October, you can see the upstairs part of the mill which now serves as a museum, holding all the vintage machinery they even still use today to make their beautiful products.

There is a tea room on site that offers a taste of Wales with cakes, scones and a variety of unique teas.

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