Ruthin Craft Centre

A modern centre for applied arts in the historic market town of Ruthin in North Wales.

The centre is complete with 3 galleries, 6 art studios and a show and tell exhibition known as the Courtyard Project Space A. As Wales’ premier venue for applied arts, it’s hard to avoid this award-winning architect-designed complex. Despite the centre’s closure in 2007, the staff at Ruthin Craft centre came back stronger in 2008, when a new housing unit for the craft’s centre was built.

In each of the 3 galleries there are many events on show all year round hosted by some of Wales’ finest artists, with the likes of Susie Freeman, Jane Adam and Martin smith, each of which have a unique way of expressing themselves. At these events the artists themselves will take you around their art-work, explain what it is, what it shows and why they made it. Once these events have finished, you are guaranteed to take something new home, wether it be a new skill, some new knowledge or maybe just the experience!

One of the galleries on the establishment is the retail gallery. Here you can purchase a truly unique gift from one of the nation’s leading makers. Browse and purchase items you’re personally interested in, maybe a new book, or maybe some new earrings? Some more things you can buy at the retail gallery are jewellery pieces, ceramics, glass works, metalwork, textiles and even stationery! This worthy shop is open daily from 10 in the morning up till 5.30 in the evening.


What are residencies doing in an art and crafts complex? Ruthin Craft Centre has a funded residency programme which offers support to makers and artists by providing them with a studio space for a set time to develop new creative ideas and products. Their studio’s are open for you to wander in at certain times during each residency period.

Ruthin Craft centre’s studios currently hold 2 worldwide known artists; Cefyn Burgess (Studio 1) and Patrick Joseph (Studio 3). There are still studios to rent on site.

Finally, the site features a cafe which is a perfect place to unwind and relax. Wether you want to enjoy a nice breakfast at the cafe, or just afternoon tea, you will be pleased with all options available at the cafe with scrumptious freshly prepared food always available.

Wether you are a local, tourist or just passing by, Ruthin Craft centre cannot be missed!

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