Rheidol Valley Railway

Since opening in 1902, Rheidol Valley Railway has been a family favourite when visiting areas around Aberystwyth.

This narrow steam engine will take you on an unforgettable journey from Aberystwyth Station, which began a £1.6 million station improvement scheme in 2018, to the Devil’s Bridge, a world famous tourist attraction in the heart of the Cambrian mountains.

As you hop aboard the train, you will quickly notice the scenery changing from flat out countryside, to empowering mountains and thick woodlands. Over the 19km tracks, the train rises just over 200m at a pace of around 2m every 100m travelled. As you enjoy your 1 hour journey, the train remains in the Rheidol Valley for the majority of the experience.

The train terminates at the Devil’s bridge railway station, a rustic and old-feeling train station, and tends to wait 1 hour before making the return back to Aberystwyth. This gives visitors plenty of time to view the falls, cross the 3 bridges that surpass the River Mynach and refresh themselves at the Devil’s Bridge Railway Station Cafe which serves wonderful snacks and hot drinks.

The train is known as a narrow-gauge steam railway, reason being the tracks are just 60cm apart!

Return tickets can price at as little as £11 which, no doubt about it, is a bargain!

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