Nercwys Forest

Nercwys Forest (Coed Nercwys) is what seems like an ordinary conifer forest in the Clwydian Range at first, but you soon find it to be a unique woodland of fascinating trails, magical trees, secret places and outstanding wildlife. In this forest, there are trails available for walkers, cyclists and horse riders to enjoy this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Some of the wildlife here includes fantastic birds such as buzzards, gold crests, and coal tits. The marshy area in Llyn Ochin (a former lake that dried out) also contains fascinating wildlife such as dragonflies, newts, and also plants such as cotton grass.

One path you can take, and an excellent one at that, is the Nercwys Circular Walk. It is 4.5 kilometres long, and is of a moderate difficulty. It leads you from the car park through the forest, past historical ruined buildings, a 19th century lead mine and the remains of a shepherd’s cottage. This path also leads you past a walled meadow of wildflowers that bloom beautifully in the summer and a recently planted orchard. This path is also available for cyclists and horse riders.

If you come to this forest, make sure you have a bit of time for some exploration as this forest has many excellent ways to go ‘off-path’ – a walk guaranteed to be much more interesting than the standard path.

There is a plaque near the car park commemorating the Millennium Oak Trees Project. The forest is 4 miles south on Mold, and offers free parking.

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