Llechwedd Slate Caverns

Llechwedd Slate Caverns is where heritage and adventure join together. Here you will experience just what it was like being a slate miner in Llechwedd.

On site there is a giftshop where you can buy home-made slate produce from their very own quarry. There is also a large cafe, a victorian coffee shop with excellent cakes, and there is the Quarryman’s Pub where you can get some fantastic locally brewed beers.

When visiting the Slate Caverns there are 2 tours on offer, the Deep Mine Tour and the Quarry Explorer.

The Llechwedd Deep Mine Tour tells a story of the men who built the slate industry that changed the world. You will experience the caverns from the point of view of the miners and enhanced reality is used to tell the story of the braveness, the resilience and the determination of the slate miners who changed Wales all those years ago. 

The Quarry Explorer tour is a thrilling journey exploring the slate mountains in an offroad 4 x 4. This journey will first of all take you right to the top of the slate mountains which are an extreme landscape 1400ft above sea level. Here you will see the beautiful landscape of North Wales from a whole different perspective. The journey will then take you to the heart of some of the massive craters that were left when the tops of the caverns were being blasted off. Along the way you will learn more and more about how the glorious landscape was formed and why the caverns were so important.

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