Corris Mine Explorers

Venture into the abandoned and forgotten world of the slate miner!

This is a rare opportunity to venture underground into the forgotten world of the slate miner. Tucked away in the hillsides of Corris you will feel the dark, damp conditions of a slate miner come alive. As you trek through the caverns, your excitement will build as your expert guide tells you magnificent stories of miners, and the history of the Braich Goch mine.

The first slate mining to take place at Braich Goch was around 1800. At this point they dug from pits that were exposed to sunlight. From 1836 and onwards the miners tunnelled into the hillside to reach the seam of the slate that was deeper in the mountain. The early years were difficult and four different companies failed before the opening of the Corris Railway in 1859 and the establishment of the Braich Goch Slate Quarry Co. in 1864.

During it’s greatest period, the mine employed 250 men and produced 7,000 tons of slab and roofing slate. The slate was sent all over the world but due to rising costs and falling demand the company collapsed in 1906 but that didn’t stop other companies mining there. Companies continued to use the mine until in 1970 when the mine was finally closed.

Over the years 7 levels of the mine have been excavated and during the Corris Mine Explorers visit you explore levels 4,5 and 6. Level 6 is used by Arthur’s Labyrinth and you will look down at the attraction as a part of your Braich Goch exploration.

This is a part of  heritage and a truly authentic Welsh experience.

Definitely not to be missed!


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