Corris Craft Centre

At Corris Craft Centre, there’s always something new to learn with its 9 fascinating craft studios.

Corris Craft Centre, which is paired with Corris Mine Explorers and the famous King Arthur’s Labyrinth, is a leisure complex holding some of Wales’ best and most award-winning workshops and outlets. These workshops let visitors get a taste, feel, look and smell at the historic nation of Wales. All of the workshops found at Corris Craft Centre are both family and dog friendly although dogs may not be able to enter the indoors cafe or Chockablock studio.

There are so many opportunities at Corris Craft Centre. Got a sweet tooth? Come to Chockablock! The sweet-serving workshop offers customers finely hand-made chocolate, truffles and fudge, all made from quality Belgian chocolate.

Or maybe sweet foods aren’t your thing? In that case, come to the Welsh food and drink shop where you can get lots of naturally sourced pride-filled foods and hampers made perfect for special occasions.

If you haven’t come here for food, then maybe you’re that type of person that simply NEEDS decorations in the house to keep it feeling fresh all the time. If so, there are many options available for you at Corris Craft Centre such as the Candle Studio, here you can buy beautiful candles that can fill your house with sweet and wonderful scents the minute you set it in your house.

Or perhaps you maybe want to visit Delyn Glass studio in which you can purchase or view Kevin, the shop owner, who can form simple glass into stunning sculptures ranging from flowers and birds to dragons and sea creatures. Wether you are buying or not, you will be fascinated!

Another amazing workshop within the complex is the Quarry Pottery which, as you may guess, specialises in beautiful traditional AND modern pottery both of which make excellent outdoor and indoor decorations for every season.

Next up, we’ve got the Taran Eco Designs who’s team makes organically created, unique furnishes designed in nature. On entry to the workshop you will see just a few of the amazing furniture available all available at a fair price.

Corris Craft Centre is also perfect for gift buyers wether it be for a friend, family member or lover.

For example, let me take you to the Tawny Owl Toys and Gifts. This workshop sells personalised wooden gifts including cars, trains, tractors, dragons, stools, chairs, toy boxes, skipping ropes, pencil boxes, jigsaws and much more. The business was first set up in 1978 when the owner was interested in art and paints. He made wonderful toys for his children before later moving on to selling at small craft fairs. I’m sure every other shop in the Corris Craft Centre has a story to tell about it’s rise to excellency.

These are just some of the shops available to visit at Corris Craft Centre, visit now to find out about all the other excellent workshops!

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